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Dr Ardhendu Saha Associate Professor
Dr Mrinmoy Majumder Assistant Professor
Dr Ajoy Kumar Chakraborty Associate Professor
Dr Biswajit Saha Assistant Professor
Dr Tarun Kumar Misra Associate Professor
Dr Sambhunath Pradhan Assistant Professor
Dr Biswanath Bhunia Assistant Professor
Dr Dibyendu Ghoshal Associate Professor
Dr Paritosh Bhattacharya Associate Professor
Dr Uttam Kumar Bera Associate Professor


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An experimental investigation of performance-emiss...

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An application of PSO technique for harmonic elimi...

Author: Ray, R.N., Chatterjee, D., Goswami, S.K.

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Author: Ray, R.N., Chatterjee, D., Goswami, S.K.

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Potential use of polyphenol oxidases (PPO) in the ...

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Decolorization and biodegradation of congo red dye...

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