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Dr Ratul Das

Professor Hydraulics and Sediment Transport, Turbulent Flows... View Profile

Prof Manish Pal

Professor Highway and Traffic Engineering, Pavement Subgrade... View Profile

Prof Umesh Mishra

Professor TREATMENT and QUALITY OF WATER and WASTEWATER, Rem... View Profile

Prof Sujit Kumar Pal

Professor Characteristics, Soil Dynamics, Slope Stability, G... View Profile

Prof Richi Prasad Sharma

Professor Structural Mechanics, Dynamic Friction, Study on d... View Profile

Dr Partha Pratim Sarkar

Associate Professor Transportation Engineering... View Profile

Dr Rajib Saha

Associate Professor Dynamic soil-structure interaction, Structural dyn... View Profile

Dr Rama Deb Barma

Associate Professor Structural Dynamics and Earthquake Engineering, S... View Profile

Dr Joyanta Pal

Associate Professor Structural Engg... View Profile

Dr Deb Dulal Tripura

Associate Professor Alternative Building Materials and Technology, Low... View Profile

Dr Dhirendra Kumar Pandey

Assistant Professor (Grade-II) Passive Vibration Control ... View Profile

Dr Manu S Nadesan

Assistant Professor (Grade-II) Building materials, Performance assessment, Constr... View Profile

Dr Mrinmoy Majumder

Assistant Professor Works on data science techniques in water and ener... View Profile

Dr Sanjay Paul

Assistant Professor Civil Engineering... View Profile

Dr Gopinandan Dey

Assistant Professor Civil Engineering... View Profile

Mr Nilotpal Deb Barma

Assistant Professor Civil Engineering... View Profile

Dr Tilottama Chakraborty

Assistant Professor Hydrology, Hydrological Modelling, Water Resource ... View Profile

Dr Sushant Kumar Biswal

Assistant Professor Fluvial Hydraulics, Turbulence, Hydrodynamics... View Profile

Dr Lipika Haldar

Assistant Professor Civil Engineering... View Profile

Dr Sima Ghosh

Assistant Professor Geotechnical Engineering, Soil Dynamics and Earth... View Profile

Dr Dipankar Sarkar

Assistant Professor Pavement Materials, New Technology... View Profile

Dr Surajit Das

Assistant Professor Specialization: Structural Engineering... View Profile

Dr Tara Sen

Assistant Professor Mechanical Engineering... View Profile