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Dr Diptendu Bhattacharya

Associate Professor Artificial Intelligence and Soft computing, Comput... View Profile

Dr Mrinal Kanti Deb Barma

Associate Professor Computer Networks, Wireless Sensor Networks, Mobil... View Profile

Dr Munesh Chandra Trivedi

Associate Professor Research Areas: 1. Information Security 2. Ima... View Profile

Dr Jayakumar L

Assistant Professor (Grade-II) Wireless Networks and Optimization, IoT, AI/ML, Op... View Profile

Dr Anupam Jamatia

Assistant Professor (Grade-II) Natural Language Processing, Text Processing, Code... View Profile

Dr Ngangbam Herojit Singh

Assistant Professor (Grade-II) Path Planning, Hybrid Intelligent System, Applicat... View Profile

Dr Kunal Chakma

Assistant Professor (Grade-I) Natural Language Processing, Information Retrieval... View Profile

Dr Swapan Deb Barma

Assistant Professor (Grade-I) Computer Science Software Engineering... View Profile

Dr Suman Deb

Assistant Professor (Grade-I) Robotics and automated reasoning... View Profile

Mr Nikhil Debbarma

Assistant Professor OS, Database, Graph Theory, Algorithm... View Profile

Dr Nirmalya Kar

Assistant Professor Cryptography, Steganography, Information Security,... View Profile

Dr Suyel Namasudra

Assistant Professor Dr. Suyel Namasudra is an assistant professor in t... View Profile

Mr Prashant Bhardwaj

Assistant Professor Machine Learning for biological sciences... View Profile

Mr Tribid Debbarma

Assistant Professor Green Computing, Cloud Computing, Algorithms... View Profile

Dr Ashim Saha

Assistant Professor Computer Vision, Image Processing, Human Behaviour... View Profile

Dr Smita Das

Assistant Professor My research interests include localization and nod... View Profile

Dr Dwijen Rudrapal

Assistant Professor Computer Science Software Engineering... View Profile